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About Topaz Jewelry

Although topaz jewelry can come in a variety of different colors and shades, it is the rich, golden orange-yellow hue referred to as "imperial topaz" which is the most valuable. Placed in a setting of brilliant yellow gold, imperial topaz makes a truly magnificent piece of jewelry. Pink, blue, brown, green, and colorless are additional varieties found naturally in topaz, however the pink and blue shades are often heat-treated to enhance this quality. In fact, nearly all blue topaz on the market today has been artificially enhanced with heat, although this does not make it any less desirable. Topaz is also commonly mistaken for citrine, tourmaline, aquamarine, or even diamonds due to the similarities in color.

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The term topaz is said to be derived from a multitude of origins including the Sanskrit "tapas" and the Greek "topazos". Topaz stones with pink tones were discovered in Russia in the 1800s and their beauty caused the Tsar to declare them available only to he and his family, designating it a royal stone and coining the term "imperial topaz".

Aluminum flourosilicate is the composition of the semi-precious topaz stone often found in beds of quartz and in alluvial deposits. Chromium impurities tend to cause a pink or violet shade in topaz. Mines are found in Germany, Brazil, Siberia, Russia and the United States. Its origins go back at least 2,000 years and there is a reference to topaz in the Bible; it is the gemstone of St. Matthew.

Topaz is designated as the birthstone for the month of November and assigned to the planet Jupiter in Vedic astrology. It is also used as a traditional gift for a couple's sixteenth wedding anniversary. The mystical qualities of topaz include enhancing spiritual potential, augmenting intelligence and creativity, promoting communication and self-expression, and creating wealth and wisdom. Many use it in meditation as an aid to achieve a desired outcome. Its healing properties promote strength and vitality as well as protection against disease.

To select the perfect topaz jewelry, be aware of where its value comes from. Color is the most important determination. A naturally pink stone which has not been heat-treated will command some of the highest prices and this fact can be verified with a lab document. The lovely imperial topaz is also highly prized and very valuable. Those which come from mines in Utah and Russia have been known to fade easily in sunlight, so take care when determining which stone you will purchase. One needs to exercise caution when wearing topaz, as it is susceptible to cracking if struck and can also lose its color when exposed to heat.

Topaz jewelry can be used in a variety of settings and a limitless number of styles and designs. By far the most fashionable these days is topaz which is blue, usually set in sparkling white gold. Blue topaz earrings and blue topaz rings comprise two of the more popular options. However, no matter the color, setting, or style, topaz is an enduringly beautiful gemstone and topaz jewelry is appropriate as a gift for more than just those who were born in November.


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