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About Amethyst Jewelry

Magnificent shades of purple characterize amethyst jewelry. The violet hue can often have blue or red tones to it and heating the stone will remove its intense color with the result the pale yellow of citrine. There is also a variety which incorporates both colors of violet and yellow, referred to as a bi-colored stone or ametrine. Amethysts have long been popular gems since purple is one of the most favored colors as a personal choice. The term amethyst is derived from a variety of languages, including the Middle English amatist, Latin amethystus, and the Greek amethustos. It symbolizes sincerity, security, and peace of mind.

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Interestingly enough, in its purest form, amethyst is actually colorless. The gemstone is a variety of quartz, with coarse grains colored by iron oxide, although some believe it is manganese or hydrocarbons which allow it to develop a rich, violet hue. On the mohs scale, amethyst rates a hardness of seven. Amethyst is mined in the countries of Brazil, Uruguay, Sri Lanka, Siberia, Canada, India, Bolivia, and Argentina and Zambia while a darker variety is found only in Australia. South America is where the largest pieces have been discovered.

Amethyst is the birthstone for those born in the month of February. It is the most common jewel set in a Bishop's ring. Purple was often considered a royal color in days of old, and remains so to this day. The British Crown Jewels contain many fine pieces of amethyst jewelry. From the days of the Egyptians and up through Catherine the Great, these glorious purple jewels were highly favored.

Traditionally, amethyst has been purported to enhance psychic ability and stimulate the right brain (associated with creativity). It is said to improve immunity, and also energize and detoxify the blood. Some have used it in relieving headache pain as well as to balance blood sugar; it is also purported to promote a peaceful night's sleep. Ancient Greeks believed the gemstone could prevent the wearer, or one who drunk from a goblet made of amethyst, from becoming drunk. Tibetans consider the gemstone sacred. An additional power given to amethyst is that of encouraging celibacy, and it makes a lovely wedding gift. The purple jewel also has a place in superstition with its reputation as a love charm and protection against thievery.

Because amethyst is not as highly valued as other gemstones such as emeralds, rubies, or diamonds, it is a quite affordable stone. The pale "Rose de France" violet is an excellent choice, but for value, the deeper and richer purple with flashes of ruby are the amethysts most sought after. Taking proper care of your gemstone will require it be kept away from sunlight and heat. Clean the stones with a simple solution of warm, soapy water.

When choosing a setting for your amethyst jewelry, it is best not to overpower the luscious color with an overabundance of detail. The rich purple goes equally well with either white or yellow gold. A pair of amethyst earrings, whether on simple posts or in a dangling setting, are perfect for setting off an updo. Amethyst rings will sparkle and catch the light with mystic brilliance, particularly if cut in an oval shape. To adorn an arm, amethyst bracelets look lovely in either a chain-type setting or the ever-popular bangle. Truly striking pieces, however, are amethyst pendants. A large, pear-shaped stone nestled in dcolletage is absolutely magnificent and dresses up a cocktail dress like no other gemstone can. No matter your preference, amethyst jewelry, when cared for properly, provides a lifetime of enjoyment when wearing this truly royal gemstone.


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