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About Aquamarine Jewelry

Aquamarine jewelry is characterized by the lovely pale blue, or blue-green color of this semi-precious gemstone. Shades of the gem range from a very pale cerulean to a deeper azure, sometimes with a hint of green, much like the waters of the sea. In fact, the term aquamarine literally means "sea water" in Latin.

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Aquamarine stones are a variety of beryl and it forms in pegmatite. It is the most commonly found form of beryl stones, the family of which includes emeralds and heliodor; consequently it does not demand as high a price as some other gemstones.

The birthstone of the month of March and also the anniversary gemstone for years 16 and 19 of marriage, aquamarine is purported to have a soothing effect, particularly on newly married couples; it will allegedly smooth over the rough spots many partners experience in the first years of marriage. It is also supposed to be able to reawaken the love in partners who have enjoyed a long marriage. Providing courage, strengthening the will, and affording protection against the devil are additional benefits attributed to this gemstone. It is used frequently to aid in meditation.

There are also healing qualities ascribed to aquamarine gems. Those with nerve pain, glandular problems, a toothache, or neck, jaw and throat disorders will purportedly be aided by the qualities of aquamarine. As well, it is supposed to strengthen the function of both liver and kidneys, abate symptoms from eye, ear, and stomach problems and help to relieve a persistent cough. Some have used it to cure seasickness and even ease depression or grief.

When choosing an aquamarine, there are several aspects to look for. Aquamarine is mined in a variety of locations all over the world, but the finest quality gemstones are derived from mines in Brazil. This hard gem should be transparent but can lose its color if exposed to sunlight. The darker blue tones are highly desirable although a medium-deep shade is also a good quality stone. Be careful when purchasing aquamarines, as blue topaz is often sold as this more expensive gemstone due its resemblance. In caring for your aquamarine jewelry, be sure it is protected from scratches and undue light and clean with warm, soapy water.

The aquamarine gemstone lends itself well to a variety of rings and necklaces. The pale blue of an aquamarine ring looks particularly lovely in a large, square cut against a darker skin tone or deep tan. The translucent hue of an aquamarine necklace will enhance a simple black dress better than a diamond but works equally well against a white background. Because the color is not overpowering, it goes with nearly anything!

Take care in selecting your aquamarine jewelry and you will be satisfied with your purchase for a lifetime. Keep it protected from the sun and you will enjoy the lovely, sea water color for many years. Aquamarine jewelry evokes a feeling of contentedness rivaled only by that of actually spending time at the seashore!


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