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Different Types of Diamond Jewelry

What woman wouldn't want a piece of diamond jewelry? The mystique of, and fascination with, beautiful diamond stones has been recorded since the days of ancient Greeks and Romans who believe they were tears of the gods or pieces of falling stars. Marilyn Monroe made the song, "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" famous in the 1950s and it is easy to see why. If the lovely Marilyn was excited about fine diamond jewelry, surely every woman would be. Indeed, that has proven the case for many centuries!

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Diamond jewelry is perfect as a gift for any occasion in life. Traditionally, diamond wedding jewelry is preferred for couples tying the knot and has been for hundreds of years. The most popular piece of jewelry for engaged couples, is, of course, the diamond solitaire engagement ring. Many brides prefer a solitaire diamond ring to symbolize the love being cemented on their very special day. And what woman does not look most beautiful with a sparkling diamond wedding ring on her third finger? Even grooms are beginning to prefer more elaborate jewelry than a plain and simple gold band and diamond wedding ring sets have proven to be a best seller in jewelry stores in recent years.

Besides being an excellent choice for weddings, there are many other occasions which can be celebrated with a rare and precious stone. Diamond ring jewelry is a popular choice for an anniversary present, or to commemorate the birth of a child. Graduation from high school or college is a wonderful opportunity to give diamond rings or even a perfectly matched set of diamond solitaire earrings. For young ladies who have not yet learned the value of this precious gift, cheap diamond earrings are perfectly appropriate.

Besides rings and earrings, consider giving diamond bracelets as a token of deep affection. As a woman gets older and there is occasion to demonstrate years of love between a couple, diamond tennis bracelets make an excellent gift choice, particularly for an active woman who does not want to worry about losing or damaging her fine piece of jewelry. Then there are diamond bangle bracelets, which always perfectly complement a cocktail or evening dress.

Another choice is designer diamond necklaces to entrance not only the woman who receives one, but the lucky man who gets to see her. Beautiful, brilliant-cut diamond solitaire necklaces do the utmost in enhancing a low dcolletage. For a more elaborate effect, consider a diamond tennis necklace, which will drape a womans neck in a long length of sparkling gems. The perfect accompaniment to a diamond necklace, is, of course, diamond stud earrings, as they will not overpower the beauty and flash of the necklace.

Diamond jewelry does not need to be considered out of range for most budgets. Indeed, there are so many options for finding precious stones in a wide array of prices and carats, cut, color, clarity and quality ratings, that there is simply no excuse to not give a piece of diamond jewelry as a gift to the woman you love.


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