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About Emerald Jewelry

Emerald jewelry, with its fascinating shades of green, has, at times, been considered more precious than diamond pieces and the gemstone itself is more rare. This birthstone of May has quite ancient origins and a wealth of lore surrounding its characteristics, including the promise of spring. Some of emerald's purported benefits including soothing the eyes, preserving chastity, curing dysentery, preventing epilepsy, driving away evil spirits, and facilitating the process of childbirth. Its rich symbolism includes youth and rebirth. Some ancient peoples believed it could also offer foresight into the future. The emerald is dedicated to goddess of love, Venus, with the quality of faithfulness reflected by a stone's fresh, bright green color. Conversely, a duller color would denote a cheating heart.

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Emeralds are considered a royal gemstone, from the time of Cleopatra and Nero to the later reign of the Russian czars, who used the stone in the Crown Jewels. Ancient societies often highly prized the emerald, believing it held special powers such as giving the wearer an ability to clearly remember the past, as well as the insight into the present and future. Its benefits included the promotion of honesty and frugality while sharpening intelligence. Emeralds were also given the attribute of medicinal powers and in a powdered form was used to prevent epilepsy.

While not quite as durable as rubies, sapphires, or diamonds, emeralds rank at an acceptable seven or eight on the mohs hardness scale. The gem is considered part of the beryllium family of stones and receives its unique coloring from the presence of chromium and vanadium. Emeralds are mined in the countries of Columbia, which is best known for its mineral stores of this gem, Brazil, and Zambia.

When selecting an emerald to purchase, keep in mind that all emeralds contain inclusions, sometimes referred to as "jardin". They are treated with a colorless oil or paraffin wax so as to make the natural inclusions nearly invisible to the naked eye. Today, the use of Opticon to treat emeralds is widespread and its protective effects longer lasting than that of oils or wax. The larger the emerald, the more rare, and valuable, it is considered. Quality is largely determined by color, a deep, clear green which is not cloudy or muddy is the most sought after hue.

First made popular by John F. Kennedy, who gave his future wife, Jacqueline Bouvier, an engagement ring of emeralds and diamonds, emerald engagement rings make a very distinctive statement. For any occasion, emerald rings are a wonderful addition to anyone's jewelry collection, particularly when cut in the emerald manner, which brings out the unique beauty of the gemstone. Emerald necklaces come in a variety of styles and the brilliant color of the stone goes equally well with either white or yellow gold.

There are many affordable pieces, as well, which makes shopping for emerald jewelry a real pleasure. The intense coloration of a truly fine emerald greatly enhances the neckline or finger of a woman with auburn hair, in particular, but truly any shade - from blonde to black - looks fabulous when paired with a lush emerald green.

Remember to look for a deep shade and the presence of inclusions when shopping for emeralds. They don't typically lose their value and an investment in emerald jewelry is both financially sound and incredibly well-received by anyone lucky enough to be given such a lovely gift.


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