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About Ruby Jewelry

In the world of precious gemstones, rubies, and ruby jewelry, are some of the most coveted acquisitions of all. These "King of Gems" have been so highly prized that in the past, they have commanded up to seven times the price of diamonds. In fact, these beautiful red gems are more rare than diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds and their value even referenced in the Bible.

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These royal gems are part of the corundum family. Their composition is the same as sapphires, but the presence of chromium in the alluvial deposits where the stones are found provides the intense red color which designates one a ruby. The mohs scale gives these beautiful gemstones a hardness rating of nine, second only in hardness to the inimitable diamond. Rubies were named from the Latin word "ruber", which means red.

Rubies come in a range of red hues, all the way from a pale champagne rose (which is sometimes referred to as a pink sapphire) to the richly deep pigeon's blood. The deep, pure red with just a hint of blue known as pigeon's blood is the most coveted of all amongst buyers. Conversely, lighter hues such as strawberry and raspberry, which are found only in Sri Lanka mines, are very rare and also quite valuable. Because color is the most important quality in determining a ruby's value, natural inclusions in the stone do not detract from its worth and even, in some cases, may add to it.

Ruby jewelry has often been linked with royalty. India is one of the countries associated with a great wealth of rubies and the Sanskrit word for the stone literally means "King of Gemstones". Indian kings often welcomed the discovery of a new ruby mine as if it were royalty itself, so prized were these gemstones. Part of the mystique of rubies is due to the myths associated with them. In centuries past, people used to believe that a ruby would darken to warn of danger and counteract the adverse effects of poison. Consequently, rubies were often used by royal advisors to predict possible hazards to the sovereign.

Throughout history, rubies have symbolized good luck, wisdom, happiness, and health. They represent devotion, desire, and eternal love, so they are quite popular as a gift which professes a profound love, particularly on Valentine's Day. Tuesday is the day of the week associated with the ruby (as evidenced by the restaurant chain "Ruby Tuesday's") and it is the birth stone of those born in the month of July.

When selecting a piece of jewelry, make sure that the color is deep and rich. Particularly in ruby rings with a large stone, you will want the best possible quality to be prominently displayed on the hand. Of course, ruby necklaces are also quite popular, and a strong second in preference of jewelry type given to a lover. There are many styles of necklaces made with this precious gemstone, as well. Ruby bead necklaces are a particularly lovely form in which dozens, or even hundreds, of tiny stones are attached to a design of mesh which lays flat against the throat.

Whether given as a gift to a special lover or even purchased for one's self, ruby jewelry is always a lovely gift. The rich red color and royal heritage of rubies is ever-lasting and quite durable. You just can't go wrong by choosing ruby jewelry for any special occasion.


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