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About Our Titanium Engagement Rings

Titanium engagement rings are currently all the rage for couples picking out jewelry to celebrate their engagement. Where once yellow gold and white gold were the traditional favorites, titanium is now considered preferable, largely due to its fantastic looks and nearly indestructible quality.

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Titanium was discovered in the 18th century in conjunction with other elements and first known as "menachite". In the 1800s, Dr. Martin Klaproth gave this amazing metal a new name, titanium, in honor of the famous Greek titans. These powerful deities were fierce warriors known for their exceptional strength and size and these qualities perfectly describe the metal titanium.

Why is Titanium So Popular?

Titanium is a unique metal. It was largely used in industrial applications up until the 1950s, when Lockheed constructed a plane out of the material. Suddenly, titanium gained much interest, due to its qualities of being lightweight, stable, heat-resistant, rust proof, and neutral to the human body, which does not reject it. It is this last quality which made it ideal for medical applications, such as replacing heart valves and bones. As well, titanium is used for technological applications in computers, and now, even batteries.

When it was realized that titanium exhibited superior resistance to wear as well as being an exceedingly strong material, jewelry makers began to take a second look. Soon, men's wedding rings, in particular were being produced out of titanium since many men work in jobs which put much strain on their wedding bands. It seemed a simple solution, then, to prevent men from taking off their bands to use a substance much stronger than gold. The look and feel of the metal is so lovely, that women began expressing an interest in using the same material in their rings. As well, titanium can be colored, etched, and inlaid in an infinite array of designs.

Types of Titanium Jewelry

While titanium wedding rings are extremely popular, this is not the only way to consider jewelry made of this fantastic metal. In particular, for the man in your life, cheap titanium rings may be the perfect gift for an anniversary, birthday, or holiday occasion. Many men love wearing jewelry but are afraid of the occupational hazards which may scratch or damage pieces they wear on a regular basis. Titanium jewelry is the perfect answer to this problem. For both men and women alike, there are many different types of titanium bracelets which are quite lovely, yet sturdy and can even be made in natural shades of black.

Of course, couples who are getting married and on a tight budget should consider the purchase of discount titanium wedding rings or a titanium engagement ring. A titanium wedding band, with or without an inlay or accent, is perfect for any groom.

Consider the quality of the metal you are buying when looking to purchase jewelry. Compared to gold, titanium is stronger and much more durable. And don't forget for the perfect fiance present, a titanium engagement ring is more than worth its weight in gold!


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